Web hosting with concierge service, you can also get the exceptional service you expect from Pixel Web Multimedia for your web needs. Pixel Web Multimedia offers fast, reliable and secure hosting with 24-hour support in a controlled environment backed by a team of experts in the field.

Are you trying to improve your website?

You will have direct access to our network and software engineers and you will get the service you need to quickly overcome the problems that delay the launch or updates of your website.

 We guarantee peace of mind: as we do with your internal network, we pay special attention to the security and backup of your sites. The constant monitoring of your websites / servers guarantees a high level of security, and we verify daily the backups of your critical data that have been made successfully. This additional attention protects the loss of information and preserves the integrity of your website.

Some web hosting:

Shared web hosting service: where several sites reside on a web server connected to the Internet via cable or wireless. Each website, in its own section on the server to keep it separate and secure from other websites.

Dedicated hosting service: a company has its own server and only its websites reside within it.

Email hosting: Pixel Web Multimedia offers email hosting enhanced by the technologies provided by our partner.
With security threats constantly, relying solely on internal antivirus / antispam protection is not enough to avoid the threat. Stop threats BEFORE you enter your network. Hand in hand with our email hosting packages, spam filtering services will protect you 24 × 7 from the wide range of spyware, spam, viruses and phishing attacks.

All customers who host their emails in our service receive the benefits of:

  • Server-side spam filters
  • Server side antivirus protection
  • Webmail